There are magical places in the world; It just depends on what you call magical; because as individuals, we all experience things differently in life.

My next destination was definitely one of those magical ones.

The Ultimate Favorite

Once I started to travel around Asia, I was unstoppable. I established a little routine in my trips schedule, so I could keep the balance. One city, That has became my base was Hong Kong, whether I am just transiting or just stopping.

The Next K.Drama Star

I always love learning new languages and since high school, I had japanese that I did for almost 3 years and I really enjoyed it. While in college, I decided to learn Korean. I figured it was not going to be that hard and I did it.

“The beginning”

This came out of nowhere, I just landed and Ho Chi Minh and I was getting used to my new life.


I didn’t think this was going to be an actual thing but, the photographer Phan that did my photoshoot for the designer requested if i wouldn’t mind joining him for a shoot and, of course I said yes, I wanted in. I have never been a shy person when It came down.

“Red ShadowS”

The asian market is not really made for black skins, to find products that match is truly a struggle. Also for some of the photoshoot I did, most make up artists were able to make me look beautiful.

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