Dammn 30..!

The first question, you get asked as an African girl: Why are you not married yet?

Don’t get it twisted, This is not: I repeat

It is not a cry for help oh.

Let's be real, Who doesn’t dream to get married? 

I just jumped to 30, and literally my entire life took a shift.

You start to feel the pressure, nooo. The pressure is highly applied:

From left and right, you are under sieged

Ever since you are done and graduated from a good school, found a job then

you are constantly reminded of that age, that boyfriend/man that needs to be in your life (with a good job, money, good status), and finally that ticking clock which becoming a daily topic in your life…

In addition, between all the weddings, bridal showers and baby showers. With all that, you somehow start to feel like, You failed to a class you never attended and you can’t help but wonder when would your turn be? 

Trust me, with all that jazz; I am starting to believe that maybe I am afraid to enter that marital pool, because as I observe; Nowadays, men and women relationship get lost in way too many mediums, and truthfully you wonder if it's worth to even give it a try. 

On top of that, after spending so much time with your own self and became self sufficient, you wonder: how can I depend on someone else? will we make it?

Doubt becomes that best friend that won't let you move forward or even consider someone then you feel stuck and stressed.

At some point, you forget to live your life because you are so focus on: " I gotta get married", "who is a decent guy, how do I recognize him?", " forget about marriage, maybe let me just have a kid..."

 You start realizing that you even might not be that ready to become someone plus one. It is scary

At this point, I am just trying to develop myself as a better person and hopefully, Down the road, I will become someone’s wife and mother. 

So at some point, you have to decide: " I will not stop my life, getting that pressed to jump in a relation or try to bring a kid who won't have that traditional structure.

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