Be Unapologetic 

There are so many things you want to do in life but you never know how and where to start, but your only enemy is yourself.

I somehow decided to push myself to make it happen and not look for excuses anymore. 

Taking time to travel abroad really opened my eyes on what and where I see my life going. 

I want to be able to inspire many, and push them to realize that.

 You can do whatever you like, if you really push your limits and you are not afraid of starting over; because trust me, It is scary to jump but once you do it.

It is so worth it: I have dreams: work for myself, create my own clothing line, finish my jewelry line that I started and really see if I could open a lifestyle coffee shop out here in Cameroon.

 I know it is a lot on my plate but Right now, I am working on a better organization, mapping out everything so I can reach all those goals. 

I am afraid of failing but I decided that should not stop me on trying to be and get what I deserve. By becoming my own cheerleader.

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